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Nature’s Nightlife – Attractions Before Dawn


Nordic Design For Public Spaces

How are Scandinavians dealing with cold, dark winters in the design of their public spaces? Swedish architecture firm Utopia proposes a, partially indoor, public park in Stockholm that can be actively used all year round, not only in the mild summer months. The effect of climate conditions on the use of public spaces is an aspect of urban … Continue reading “Nordic Design For Public Spaces”

How to ‘do’ travel marketing on Snapchat?

Many of our travel research and marketing clients are starting to ask if they should be on Snapchat  We are seeing a rapid rise in Snapchat usage and, not just in the youth sectors.  With the rise, comes unique marketing opportunities to engage with yes, mostly Gen Z and Gen Y travellers, but an increasing number of ‘older’ … Continue reading “How to ‘do’ travel marketing on Snapchat?”

Fighting food waste, one guest at a time

Some of the world’s most iconic hotels are to trial new approaches to tackling food waste, as part of a major new initiative launched today by WWF, the Rockefeller Foundation and the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels, and Marriott International are among the high-profile brands to sign up to the … Continue reading “Fighting food waste, one guest at a time”



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