The best ideas arise from a change of perspective. And to do so, they need a framework, to rely on reliable data and to be part of a common vision. This is why we are convinced that an approach combining agility, rigor and sharing paves the way to success.


Travelers at heart, we will be able to pass on our passion for tourism and territories. We are convinced that collective intelligence is the key to harmonious tourism development.


Camille Derelle Aubut

Founder and CEO


Aude Lenoir

Chef Operating Officer


Nadège Domergue

Tourism Development Strategist


Caroline Asselin

Development Coordinator


Audrey Ruffaut

Project Manager


Florine Gueugneaud

Project Manager

Our main partners

O Strategies uses a co-created approach and work directly with you and your team to achieve your goals. They are equipped with a unique set of collaborative tools and processes to help organizations enable innovation, clarify strategy and foster leadership.

The team also provides support to organisms who want to transform their hierarchical organization into a more horizontal one.

MyCity is the reference tourist information network in Switzerland. Its solution allows the collection and management of all tourist information, while benefiting from an integrated quality audit.

MyCity aims to foster collaboration and exchange between member tourist destinations by providing innovative technological tools. The team also provides support for the management of digital and technological projects and uses well-known project management methods.