TouriScope support tourism professionals to help them reveal the best of themselves and achieve their full potential for success.

Our mission is to offer tangible solutions relevant to the client landscape, based on an astute understanding of the environment and in-depth research, leading to strategic decision making.




Camille Derelle Aubut

Camille Derelle Aubut

Founder, Tourism Development Strategist, NB

Camille Derelle Aubut, having always been drawn to the world of travel, obtained her master’s degree in Leisure, Culture and Tourism from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. She then worked as a project manager for an organization dedicated to showcasing the heritage of Trois-Rivières.

While she was working as an analyst for the Tourism Intelligence Network, Camille developed a passion for strategic intelligence and the study of tourism trends. After having worked as an assistant at the Musée des religions du monde, in Nicolet, she fell in love with Atlantic Canada and settled in Moncton.

In 2016, she founded TouriScope and acts as a tourism development consultant, where she is now able to fully dedicate herself to her passions: tourism flows, culture, traveler profiles, local and sustainable development and religious tourism.

Camille works with governments, tourism associations and small and medium-sized businesses. At their contact, she has developed in-depth expertise in the development of tourism diagnostics, strategic development and consulting support.



Aude Lenoir

Aude Lenoir

Tourism Development Strategist, QC

Graduated with a master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality, Aude Lenoir began her career with various management and customer service experiences in travel agencies, hotels and in the cruise industry. 

She joined the Tourism Intelligence Network of the Transat Chair of Tourism at ESG UQAM in 2010, where she held the positions of Strategic Intelligence Analyst and Research Professional. She developed expertise in the hotel industry and distribution network, as well as on trends, innovations and best practices in all tourism’s sectors. Her research studies focused on governance, local tourism development and customer markets. 

In 2018, she joined TouriScope as associate partner and tourism development strategist. Her passion for this industry, her operational and strategic knowledge and skills, her analytical mind and her desire to innovate are reflected in each of her contracts.

Claude Péloquin

Claude Péloquin

Tourism Development Strategist, QC

Recently working as a freelance, Claude Péloquin has over 23 years of experience in the research field for the tourism industry. He has been the Director of Studies with the Transat Chair in Tourism of the University of Québec in Montréal where he leaded over fifty research studies (market research, economic impact studies, benchmarks, costumer surveys, best business practice analysis, field-specific monitoring). 

His primary areas of experience are diversified, such as the camping industry, outdoor tourism, pleasure boating, cross-country skiing, winter tourism, cruises, bike tourism, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis.

An active member of the Chair in Tourism for over 22 years, Claude has worked on many research projects relating to the tourism industry.

He also participated in the launch and early operation of the Tourism Intelligence Network. He has dual degrees in Tourism and Hotel Management and Business Administration, with a concentration in finance.

Nadège Domergue

Nadège Domergue

Tourism Development Strategist, QC

Nadège has more than 10 years of experience in tourism development. She supports organizations and companies in their strategic thinking and projects.

With the ambition to develop a competitive tourism economy, her expertise focuses on customer analysis, competition and the implementation of master plans. Her expertise also includes tourism trend analysis, customer experience and innovative business models.

Since September 2018, she joined the TouriScope team after having worked for 6 years as a member of the Transat Tourism Chair at ESG UQAM. 

Her career path led her to cross the Atlantic in 2009 to complete her professional experience and complete a Master’s degree in tourism development at UQAM. Before arriving in Quebec, she worked in France in the fields of culture and territorial development.

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