Communication tools for adapting to climate change


Ouranos is a consortium of scientists specialized in adapting to climate change. In recent years, Ouranos has carried out several large-scale studies and research projects with the tourism industry. These revealed the importance of supporting and providing managers with decision-making tools to build a more resilient and efficient tourism economy in the medium and long term.


Ouranos called on the expertise of Touriscope in order to co-create and disseminate communication tools on climate change adaptation. These tools, whose content is mainly derived from research and studies specific to the tourism industry carried out in recent years, aim to inform various audiences such as tourism development organizations, managers and municipalities, in order to help them integrate climate change into their future strategic vision. Touriscope thus supported Ouranos in popularizing this scientific content and in the search for the best tools so that they remain operational and useful for the various tourism actors.

These tools took the form of:

- Items such as “Did you know that...? ”
- Case studies that highlight forward-thinking managers
- Thematic sheets (outdoor, urban, winter, etc.)


The development of these various tools aims to ensure that managers take ownership of knowledge on climate change, which will ultimately contribute to informed decision-making at various levels (strategy, operation, investment) and the promotion of innovative actions.

Click here to consult the Ouranos Tourism Program information kit.


Photo: Îles-de-la-Madeleine © Tourisme Québec/ Mondoux, Louise

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